Deidre Ruth Photography | The Morales Family

"We are Jason and Jessica Morales. We were recipients of the Santa Charity in 2015, and it has been the blessing that keeps on blessing. We began talking about adoption when we were dating. When we got married, we began having more serious conversations about what that would look like, and we decided we wanted to begin building our family through adoption sooner rather than later. After much prayer, research, saving, and more, we decided that God was leading us to adopt a baby boy from Ethiopia, and we began to pursue that process in December 2013. 

Our Ethiopia process has quite a few layers to it including many setbacks, a closed agency, lots of heartache, and ultimately came to an end this past June after 3.5 years. When we found out that this process could no longer continue, it broke our hearts, but there is a beautiful silver lining in the form of an amazing baby girl from Texas. In the spring of 2016 while we were still in the midst of our Ethiopia adoption, we began to feel another nudge. We began praying about what it would look like to begin a domestic adoption process alongside our current international process. We decided to move forward with both adoptions, and after updating our home study and doing all of the legwork. Last August, we found out about a baby who would be born in Texas and needed a family. After the the longest three weeks of our lives, we packed up everything, and hit the road to Houston to meet our baby girl. Brighten Storie Morales was born on September 22nd, which coincidentally happened to be our fourth wedding anniversary!  

Our adoption story had a lot of twists and turns and so much brokenness. But the brokenness truly makes it more beautiful, and we wouldn’t trade any of it. We often say that the only way we got to Texas was through Ethiopia, and it’s so true. Santa Charity helped make all of this possible, and we are so thankful for the community that we have come into through The Wyatt Project, Deidre Ruth Photography, and the Dial Family."

photos: Deidre Ruth Photography