We are Drew, Kristen and Jackson Reid, family of three, waiting on our fourth family member. We have been married for five years, and trying to have a sibling for Jackson. After two miscarriages, over a year of trying, and some steady prayer, we decided to start the adoption process. We are not matched, but currently home study approved, and waiting for our next little one. We both teach at local schools, and loving teaching immensely! We attend Church of the Highlands and are leading a small group this semester dedicated to Infertility, Adoption and Miscarriage. We are extremely thankful to the generosity of this fundraiser, and all of the people involved who are giving time, or money or both. We have been so overwhelmed with people’s hearts and compassion to help our little family grow. We believe that God is truly behind us and our decision to adopt, and we are patiently (sometimes, impatiently) waiting to introduce Jackson to his little brother or sister!

To learn more about Santa Charity or to give, please visit http://www.deidreruth.com/santa