"Like most type A personalities, I do not move forward with huge decision in life, without a 'plan.' When Drew and I first met, we took our time dating for almost exactly three years. We followed that up with a six month engagement, married at twenty eight. We decided beforehand to wait a year until we tried for a family. It took exactly a month for my first 'easy,' pregnancy with Jackson. Eager and ready to start life, he entered the world a month early. Because we knew the challenges of having children, we decided to put two and half years in between him and his sibling, fully expecting it to take longer than before, but not exceeding the three years between siblings plan. Much to our surprise, it took exactly a month to which Drew laughingly said, 'You are not ever able to say we cannot get pregnant.' It took one week to lose it. A month later of mourning, I found myself again with another positive pregnancy test, followed by a heartbeat, and the doctor’s encouraging words, 'I am so glad this worked out for you.' Very nervously, I stepped into our twelve week appointment, and waiting to hear that triumphant sound, only to hear silence, followed by condolences, and a scheduled D and C. Six months and no positive tests later, Drew and I decided to pursue a dream we had wanted for much later in our life- adoption. I always told him that if I could not conceive a child, adoption would be my next step. I just did not think we would make that choice so soon. With the Lord’s guidance, He connected us a year later with the Santa’s Charity event. We were so honored to be chosen. Beau and Wendy, as well as many, many others, (Deidre and Jada, I see you:), are taking their experiences with adoption and paying it forward for others to pursue adoption. Our family is forever grateful for their open hearts and ministry through adoption and this charity. While we have not adopted yet, (miracle pregnancy due in two weeks!), we are still planning on pursuing adoption after the birth of our second son, AJ, and that dream would not have been possible if not for the Santa Charity and its ministry."