We are Alex and Anna Jones, high school sweethearts that have been married for seven years. We have one biological son, Cael. In early February of 2014 we were pregnant with our second child, Colin. At the 19 week ultrasound we learned that our second baby boy was retaining fluids and would have complications. After being referred to a specialist, the second ultrasound revealed that Colin no longer had a heartbeat. 
Just weeks after our miscarriage, my body began to show signs of complications. My doctor referred me to a special oncologist gynecologist. After meeting with the oncologist and having multiple scans, the doctor found a baseball size fibroid on my uterus called Placenta Site Trophoblastic Tumor (PSTT). After the first surgery to remove the tumor, the biopsy results determined the tumor was cancerous, and I needed to undergo a hysterectomy to be sure all the tumor was out. So within a six-month period, we lost a child and now are no longer able to bare any more children of our own. God chose to take Colin and save my life for a reason; we were meant to be a family. God shook us up to realize this pain will bring more life and light into us that we had never imagined. We began the journey of our domestic adoption in January of 2016 and finalized papers with Lifeline Children's services in April of 2016. We truly felt called to this decision and know that God has another child out there for us. We anxiously await and are thrilled to become a family of four once again!
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