"We updated our home study with Lifeline Children's Services in February of 2017. As we continued to wait for our little one, we felt God was leading us in a different direction. We soon began to look into Faithful Adoption Consultants, in hope that having two agencies would help increase our options. F.A.C approved us in May of 2017 and we received the news about our baby girl one month later. After waiting close to 1.5 years for this precious tiny miracle, Kathryn Lynn Jones was born on June 18th, 2017. She weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounces and was the most perfect baby girl. God's timing has always been and always will be perfect. After setting up her nursery Mother's Day, she was born on Father's Day. It has been fun looking back and seeing how God works within our lives! The card Alex received on Father's Day had a Walt Disney quote about the meaning and importance of family. Kathryn happened to be born that exact day just outside of Disney World in Orlando, Fl. On our drive down to Florida to pick up Kathryn, even the weather was a sign from God. As we were just 30 minutes away from her, traffic began to back up and storms began to develop. We saw this as our last 'roadblock' to receiving our child. Just 5 minutes away, the storms cleared and the sun began to shine. This was God telling us to 'weather storm' and in the end, He will provide. He even topped it off with a rainbow! As we continued to learn more about Kathryn from her birth mother, we found out that she and big brother shared the same July 3rd due date. Her 'gotcha day' was also celebrated the day before our son's 5th birthday. Throughout this whole process, we trusted God and believed in our hearts that He would provide us with a child. Even though the time waiting was tough to endure, this allowed our hearts to grow in God's faithfulness. With lots of help from family and friends, we were able to focus on fund-raising over the entire waiting process. The Wyatt Project was a huge success, and we are so grateful to have been a part of 2016's Santa Charity event. With their efforts and hard work, the Wyatt project helped us reach our financial goal in fundraising for our adoption. We cannot thank everyone who volunteered last year enough, and we cannot wait to help in this year's event. Here is to hoping this year's Santa Charity is even better than the last!"
photo credit: s.allums photography