We knew that we both wanted to adopt even before we were married, and always assumed it would be later in life when we were financially stable. We are both from large families and wanted a large family of our own. However, the Lord had other plans, and we found out that Sarah was no longer able to have any more children after some emergency complications with the pregnancy of our 2nd child. We went through over a year of different tests and treatments before we received a diagnosis of infertility. With prayer and consideration we realized that maybe God was pushing us towards adoption much sooner than we had anticipated. We were both drawn towards China because we felt called to adopt a child with medical needs. We are both health care professionals with Wes being a Nurse Practitioner and Sarah working as a Pediatric Nurse before having children. Once we started pursing adoption it was amazing to see how quickly the Lord had everything fall in place.

This process has taught us that the Lord's plans are perfect even if you don't understand them. We went through a very hard year both physically and emotionally dealing with the process that eventually led to a diagnosis of infertility. Now that we are in the process of adopting our son, we can look back and realize what that time in our lives was for; even though we didn't understand why any of it was occurring at the time.