Children have always been a big part of our relationship, we even met each other while taking care of them at an after school program.  So the discussion of children was something we were comfortable talking about with each other. As a matter of fact I (Kristen) shared with Patrick about my heart for adoption before we were ever married and it didn't take long before Patrick's heart also fell in love with God's plan of growing our family through adoption. 
We now live in Hayden, Alabama and have been married for five years and children are still a huge part of our lives; Patrick is a Youth Pastor and I am a preschool teacher.
We have been working on our adoption journey for two years and are now waiting to be matched with our first child! It has been an amazing process of walking with God and watching Him open doors throughout our adoption journey.  We have loved the highs and even the lows because we can see His hand through it all.